Heard Around the House

Our little man turns five soon, and it's kinda freaking me out.  

Five feels big.  

The last night of our Disney trip, I scooped him up as we walked through the Magic Kingdom and choked back a little sob because it struck me that I'd likely be unable to carry him in that same way the next time we walked those streets.

So because 2016 is shaping up to be a barrage of reminders that life is fast and impermanent and unpredictable - and because I know I'm incredibly lucky - I'm hanging on tightly to this season our family is in right now.

And because, quite frankly, I could use a laugh (and maybe you could, too), I've rounded up some of the silliness heard around our house these days. Hope you enjoy!

Me: I heard you made a new friend at Lunch with the Ladies.
Matt: I did!
Me: Who's your new friend?
Matt: I don't have the slightest idea.

Me: Matt, please remove your sword from the table so we can eat dinner.
(May there always be swords cluttering my table. Amen.)

Beard: Matt, what happened to the frost?
Matt (quizzical look): ...
Beard: This morning when we were outside, there was frost on your tricycle. What happened?
Matt (inspecting seat): The frost melted!
Beard: It melted?!?! How'd that happen?
Matt: How'd that happen, you say? (points to the fiery ball in the sky) Thanks to the nice, warm sun! The frost all melted away!

Matt: That game we have plugged in right now is pay-to-play. We all know this, Mama.

Chef Matt: May I take your order?
Erik: I'll have the Peace & Quiet.
Matt: Nope, all out.  We only have the Wild & Loud.

Matt: "Shake It Off" is all over the internet. It's crawling everywhere.

Erik: What are you made of, kid?
Matt (folding himself into a pretzel): Gelatin, silly!

Me: That's a cool lightsaber you've got there, bub.
Matt (very seriously): It's not a lightsaber. It's a training saber. I. Am. A. Padawan.