Hey there, and welcome to Rad Trace!  I'm Laren, a wife, mama, and middle school teacher sharing bits and pieces of family adventures from our home-base in Alabama and beyond.

Other folks to know:  As I'll be chronicling family time here, it might help to know the cast of characters in our little clan.  My husband Erik works in IT for our local school system.  Most of our time revolves around caring for and exploring the world with our little boy Matt.  We are also very fortunate to have my dad around a lot.  Matt spends weekdays during the school year with him, and on the blog you'll get to know him as Beard.

Why's the blog called Rad Trace?  Excellent question!  Early on we set the intention of helping our little boy understand that one of the greatest parts of life is making good choices and navigating the consequences, whatever they might be.  He heard the oft-repeated words "good choice" so frequently that the combo became one of his earliest phrases, sounding very much like Rad Trace in Matt-speak.  I like to think of the blog, at least in part, as a spot for talking about the choices we make as a family, and it's tough for this 80s child to pass up any opportunity to use the word rad.

Thank you for sharing our adventures!