Dismals Canyon

I crave green this time of year.  Leafy greens on the plate, verdant surroundings (or memories of  'em) - I can't get enough.  So I've been reminiscing hardcore about our time at Dismals Canyon last summer.

Dismals Canyon is a privately owned Natural Conservatory and National Natural Landmark in northwest Alabama.  The "Dismals" in Dismals Canyon stems from the presence of bioluminescent creatures known as Dismalites that make their home on the canyon walls.  

While outdoor activities in Alabama in June tends to be a sweaty mess, one of my favorite things about this location is that the temperature drops by ten degrees or more as you descend the steps into the canyon.  Couple that with the guarantee that you're going to dip your toes and wade through the stream that flows along the canyon floor, and it's actually a pretty comfy place to hang out in the hotter months.  

This probably goes without saying, but if you go, definitely wear clothes and shoes that can stand a little dirt and water because you're going to want to be able to do this:

Stop in at the soda fountain before you leave.  Canyon exploring is thirsty work, and they make a yummy limeade!  

Night tours are also available if you want to see the Dismalites in all their glowy glory, but we stuck to the daylight hours.  The photos you'll see below represent the two different day trips we took to the canyon in June 2015.